Personal Communication

Your personal communication, with yourself and in relation to others, plays an important role in everything you do. When the inside and outside match, there is congruence. You will then feel harmony and relaxation. Authentic and, therefore, powerful, effective communication will follow naturally. This is how persuasiveness is created. If you feel that you are ready for change in this area, then insight and awareness through reflection are crucial. But how do you accomplish that? And where do you start?
The answer is: with yourself. I can guide you. We use your own music as a guide to clarify, among other things, self-image, ideal image, and image. You can choose individual guidance or to follow a workshop ‘My CommunicationScan’.


Workshop ‘My CommunicationScan’

Location and date: see also the Calendar

* At Van Ede & Partners (voor clients and former clients); Breda on February 17, Zeist on March 28, The Hague on April 1

* At Molen en ko in Nieuwveen: Februari 14, March 21 and June 13  

* At Mc Spirit in Baarn: March 15, September 19 and November 29

At De Roos, Amsterdam, Center for awareness and spirituality   

During the ‘My CommunicationScan’ workshop you will scrutinize your personal communication. We make use of music to clarify matters and to provide communication with the proper tone. Musicality or being able to play an instrument is not a requirement. During this workshop you make four concrete steps: Identify, Analyze, Choose, and Practice. You provide answers to the following questions:

How do I hear myself?
How do I think I am being heard?
How do I want to be heard?
How am I heard?

You discover where the harmony and dissonances are located. You choose yourself what you want to change in your communication. That is what you practice. Music is the gatekeeper of the soul. That is why we quickly reach the core during this workshop. As preparation, you can already consider questions such as ‘What instrument am I?’ and ‘What is my favorite song and why?’

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Read some reactions here from participants of previous workshops.

  • “Inspiring and clarifying regarding knowledge about my method of communicating and what impression this leaves with others, how they hear me and how I want to be heard. Essential for my future!”
  • “Learned about cohesion and where you can press the buttons.”
  • “Good atmosphere, safe and light. Thanks!”


Individual guidance

If you want to reflect on your personal communication on an individual basis, you can choose individual guidance. This trajectory is basically short term. The solution is the focus rather than the problem. Your own music is the guide and clarifies the road to answers to questions and desires for change.

During the individual guidance we work with the same steps and questions as during the Workshop ‘My CommunicationScan’. Of course there is more room during individual guidance to dig deeper into those questions.
Together we search for solutions. Subjects that could be reviewed: persuasiveness, congruence, (un)certainty, confident attitude, coming across well, vocalization, and limiting beliefs. If you first want to experience how music as a guide can work, then subscribe to the workshop ‘My CommunicationScan’.