About Ocker Repelaer van Driel

As a communication advisor, I combine 25 years of practical experience in organization communication with a life-long passion for music of all genres. In my workshops, advice, and coaching, I use the (metaphoric) language of music to clarify matters and provide them with the right tone. Working from my company AcCompany in Communication, I connect my knowledge and interest in communicative processes of people and organizations with my desire to clarify and provide direction.
After the HEAO Communication, I immersed myself at the Erasmus University into the ins and outs of Corporate Communication. I also attended multi-day courses and trainings at, inter alia, NIMA (NIMA-B), ITIP (continuous process group), Rino (Solution-focused Coaching), IEP (NLP), and Van Ede & Partners (Entrepreneurship with talents).
I worked in succession for NS, Van Rossum & Partners, VB (now Deloitte) and Port Authority Rotterdam NV (the last 14 years), on the strategy and execution of corporate and marketing communication, advertising, sponsoring, and PR.


Private life

Up to my 8th year, I heard strange and ‘other’ music from all nooks and crannies in Bombay, India. I hitchhiked ten thousand and 1 kilometers through Europe, North America, Australia, and the Caribbean, and I heard 101 music styles. The rhythms on the djembes in Africa and of the Touaregs that were played to me were new and rhythmically inimitable to me. Something like Dave Weckl, and then with an African touch.

I am a rhythm guitarist and sing background vocals in cover bands and vocal trios (preferably Crosby, Stills & Nash); I also enjoy playing folk and bluegrass music. I listen to classical, world music, new age, old music, doo wop, and hip hop. What do I not listen to? I listen to everything that touches me!

Speaking of my three children (10, 8, and 6 years old) and communication & parenting… A beautiful and from time to time confronting mirror for your personal communication!