test “The music says it all..!”

The abovementioned slogan can be heard for ages already on Radio 2. And rightly so! The music says it all. In my workshops, advice, and coaching, I use the (metaphoric) language of music to clarify matters and to provide them with the proper tone. Through music we can express everything that we stand for. It is a rich language with great eloquence. Very quickly it becomes clear how you think you leave an impression and how you are truly heard.

Music is the gatekeeper of the soul. That is why we reach the core quickly through music. While you are still searching for words, music provides an expression of what you mean wordlessly. Or you feel through music what you want to express and what not. Music can be used as a mirror of personal, team, or organization communication. Which music fits and which certainly does not? What does that mean?
Music enters directly. It opens hearts, it moves, heals, lifts up, calms, makes you happy, makes you melancholic, and it clarifies. It outlines vistas: “that is how we want to be heard as organization”. And it connects (see below). What else do you want?


Music has the power to establish a connection. A connection between people, cultures, between heart and soul and between instruments. Below a perfect idea is executed in a perfect way. That is why this is my song of the year for this moment. Enjoy!

Which instrument would you like to be?



Which music do you think fits with harmony, happiness, comfort, melancholy, excitement, relaxation, and all human emotions you can think of? I invite you to send me an  e-mail  with the emotion(s) and the associated music number of music fragment and, if you want to, also with your explanation added. Eventually, I want to conduct research on this and for that purpose bundle the reactions anonymously. Below are the first reactions; the list is regularly complemented!

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