Internal Communication Team and Organization


AcCompany in Communication offers teams and organizations communication advice and workshops about internal communication.  Internal communication plays a role in every imaginable level: within the team, between departments, and between departments and management. And the list goes on.

We follow four concrete steps: identify, analyze, choose, and implement. After that, I can – as an interim as well – provide advice on strategic and/or executing level regarding the deployment and timing of message, resources, and budget. Wherever it is needed I work together with experienced colleagues with additional expertise. TeamScanCommunication and OrganizationScanCommunication are customized. In an orienting conversation, we find the correct tone for an offer.



Are you searching for a fresh view on the method in which the team communicates with each other and, therefore, also collaborates? Then the workshop TeamScanCommunication could be suitable: a customized in-company workshop with music as the guide. The workshop provides clarification and provides direction for change. In a surprising, informative, and inspiring team meeting you will receive answers to questions like:

  • How well do the team members know each other?
  • Is there a well-balanced ensemble?
  • How do we communicate with each other?
  • Where is the harmony and where can dissonances be heard?



How does the communication between teams and departments proceed in your organization? To acquire insight into this, the workshop OrganizationScanCommunication is a suitable choice. This customized in-company workshop uses music as a guide to hear which sounds were not yet caught. In a surprising, educational, and inspiring session, you will receive answers to questions like:

  • Where is the harmony and where are the dissonances?
  • How do the teams communicate with each other?

We will be identifying, analyzing, choosing, and implementing.