External Communication Team and Organization

AcCompany in Communication offers teams and organizations communication advice and workshops about external communication. What impression do you think you leave behind? Does that match the image that you have of yourself? What impression do you truly leave behind, and what impression do you want to leave behind? ? Communication advice, in the shape of a workshop or an advice trajectory, follows four concrete steps: identifying, analyzing, choosing, and practicing/implementing. Then, I can – also as an interim – provide advice on the strategic and/or executive level regarding the commitment and times of message, resources, and budget. TeamScanCommunication and OrganizationScanCommunication are customized. In an orienting conversation we will find the right tone.


  • What impression does your team leave behind in your organization?
  • Is your team heard sufficiently?
  • How does the team want to sound?

During the customized in-company workshop, ‘TeamScanCommunication’, you will find answers to questions such as these. We use music of your own choice for that to find the proper tone. Music will clarify what is going on. Surprising, fleet-footed and effective.


  •  How do you hear your organization?
  • And how do your colleagues think that the organization sounds?
  • Is there agreement on how you want your organization to come across?
  • …and what impression does your organization truly leave behind?

Difficult question to find an answer to? In the ‘OrganizationScanCommunication’ workshop, I use the (metaphorical) language of music to shine an illuminating light on this. For example, as the start of an external communication trajectory, or for a brainstorm or retreat. The approach through music is surprising, playful, and effective. Together we search for the keynote, the tone color, and deviating sounds. Harmony and dissonances will become clear, and desired communication will get the right tone and execution.

Read about the experience of a participant..“Ocker has provided a fantastic and especially inspiring evening (…). Through a musical communication scan we got to know each other (even) better. We had a lot of fun and arrived towards very surprising insights regarding self-image, ideal image and image of our organization!”