It’s all in the key of C!

AcCompany in Communication helps you on the way to your strongest possible communication. For lasting results, this means a search for the tone and style that fits you best. Then, inside and outside are in harmony with each other. Communication is then congruent. Hence: It’s all in the key of C!

This requires reflection for which we make use of the language of music that you choose yourself to research what your keynote is and what impression you wish to leave. In musical language, you will also hear what impression you actually leave behind. Harmony and dissonance will become clear, and the desired communication will feature the proper tone and execution. Tuned to yourself and your surroundings. This way, you will discover your own tone with congruent communication as the result: relaxed, convincing, powerful, and effective.

We also pay attention to congruence between the form and content of the message. What do you say and how do you say it? Do they fit as a whole together that comes across as firm and natural for the listener? For me, it is a challenge to make that happen during my workshops and consultancy work!


Steps; i.e. Bach, Beatles, or Blues?

Every communication advice follows four concrete steps: identify, analyze, choose, and practice/implement.

    1. Identify. During this first step, we explore the sound of the keynote, vision, and image.

Which music do you choose to represent your keynote? A favorite song? An instrument? Which dynamic? Hard or soft? And which music do you choose for the sound like you wish to be heard? Bach, Beatles, or Blues? Cello, piano, or flute? Hard or soft or in between? And what will you hear regarding how you truly sound?

  1. Analyze. The next step is to scrutinize the results of step 1. To which degree can we identify harmony and where do we hear dissonance? What does that tell us?
  2. Choose. After we have become aware of our sound and desired sound, the possibility to choose emerges. Are there possible limiting convictions that limit us? The choice is ours: what do we wish to retain, accept, and change?
  3. Practice and implement. Practice makes perfect! In this case, the art of congruent communication.