AcCompany in Communication provides communication advice and musical workshops for individuals, teams, and organizations. About internal and external communication, and communication on a personal level.   

AcCompany in Communication helps you on your way to the strongest possible communication. For lasting results, this means a search for the style, tone, and content that fits you best. It is only then that your inside and outside will be in harmony with each other. Communication will then be congruent. Therefore: It’s all in the key of C! That requires reflection in which we use the language of  music that you choose yourself to research what your keynote is and what impression you want to leave. You will also hear if this is actually the impression you leave behind. If you want to learn what music can teach you, then read further!

Inside and outside in musical balance

  • How do I hear myself? How do I think I sound like? How do I want to be heard? How am I heard?    
  • How does the communication of our team sound like? Where is the harmony and where are the dissonances?
  • Which tone does the organization want to have? What impression does the organization leave behind?

AcCompany in Communication helps you to work effectively on these questions. Make a choice if you want to know more about: